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A Good Couple

Best Screenplay - Rhode Island International Film Festival

Dances With Films (World Premiere)
Santa Fe Film Festival
HorrorHaus Film Festival
Nightmares Film Festival
Omaha Film Festival
Montreal Independent Film Festival
Big Apple Film Festival
Rhode Island International Film Festival
FilmQuest Festival
Lone Star Film Festival

“A dreamy psychological thriller” - Screen Comment

“The clever, well-crafted script hooked me right away and kept me riveted as the mystery unfolded, building intrigue until the hugely satisfying payoff.” - Morbidly Beautiful

“A small gem.” - Unseen Films

"...will dig underneath your skin and sit there for days after you leave the theater” - Rough Cut

“Definitely worth a watch, and not only for genre fans.” - Search My Trash

"...examine(s) the divide between our true selves and the images of us that other people have in their minds.” - Nightmarish Conjurings

"Asks us to question if our idealized version of reality would be a blessing or a curse." -Viddy Well

Writer/Director/Editor - Robert Gregson
Producer - Jacqueline Dow
Director of Photography - Adam Carboni
Art Director - Tansy Michaud
Costume Design - Holly Rihn
Hair, Makeup & Warddrobe Assist - Jazmin Patiño
Gaffers - John Gebhart & Ambrose Carroll
Assistant Camera - Evan Elwell
Sound - Josh Simonds
Sound Design - Stephen Dewey
Color Producer - Lucy Gatanis
Colorist - Kody Wescott
Music - Jerome Leroy

Starring Julie Ann Earls & Alex Mandell

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