A Good Couple

Dances With Films (World Premiere)
Rhode Island International Film Festival
FilmQuest Festival

“A dreamy psychological thriller” - Screen Comment

“The clever, well-crafted script hooked me right away and kept me riveted as the mystery unfolded, building intrigue until the hugely satisfying payoff.” - Morbidly Beautiful

“A small gem.” - Unseen Films

"...will dig underneath your skin and sit there for days after you leave the theater” - Rough Cut

“Definitely worth a watch, and not only for genre fans.” - Search My Trash

"...examine(s) the divide between our true selves and the images of us that other people have in their minds.” - Nightmarish Conjurings

"Asks us to question if our idealized version of reality would be a blessing or a curse." -Viddy Well

Writer/Director/Editor - Robert Gregson
Producer - Jacqueline Dow
Director of Photography - Adam Carboni
Art Director - Tansy Michaud
Costume Design - Holly Rihn
Hair, Makeup & Warddrobe Assist - Jazmin Patiño
Gaffers - John Gebhart & Ambrose Carroll
Assistant Camera - Evan Elwell
Sound - Josh Simonds
Sound Design - Stephen Dewey
Music - Jerome Leroy

Starring Julie Ann Earls & Alex Mandell